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The response of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION to the "Stop Brussels" Consultation of the Magyar Citizens by Their Own Government

In April 2017, the Hungarian government launched a national consultation of all Hungarian households, entitled «Stop Brussels», focusing on 6 specific issues. Several of the claims and allegations made in the consultation are factually incorrect or highly misleading. The European Commission would like to set the record straight – based on hard facts.
The European Union is not and has never been about «Brussels» but a project driven and designed by its Member States, each of which has decided unilaterally and democratically that this is the path they wish to adopt, including Hungary. Each and every one of those Member States, including Hungary, takes both the responsibility and the credit for the decisions taken collectively.
FALSE CLAIM n°1: “Brussels wants to force us to abolish the reduction in public utility charges”
TRUTH: The Commission shares the Hungarian government’s objective to have affordable energy for households. The best way to achieve this is to establish competitive energy markets and promote energy efficiency and innovation and to work together at European level to ensure security of supply.
Functioning markets offer people the choice between suppliers competing for lower prices and better service. Hungarian businesses buying and selling their energy on competitive markets are able to enjoy and offer decreasing electricity prices. In other EU countries where power prices are not regulated, household customers have seen their electricity prices decrease. Besides, Member States can use other means to reduce public utility charges than regulated prices.

FALSE CLAIM n°2: “Brussels wants to force Hungary to let in illegal immigrants”
TRUTH: The European Union is fighting irregular migration and is helping Member States to manage their external borders. Europe’s new Border and Coast Guard will strengthen the collective European efforts to manage borders more effectively. The EU is also working with countries where migrants come from or pass through to tackle the source of the problem. For example, the EU-Turkey Statement reduced arrivals by 98% in Greece. We are also working to improve the rate of return of irregular migrants who have no right to stay in Europe.
Irregular migration needs to be distinguished from seeking asylum. For genuine asylum seekers, the European Union lives up to the international obligations of all democracies to protect people – men, women and children – who have to leave their homes because of war. Because Europe now is an area in which all our citizens have the opportunity to move freely and live and work in other countries,responsibility for upholding basic humanitarian rights is shared among Member States. The Council of Ministers, in which Hungary has a fair say alongside other governments, has set the conditions for a dignified reception and fair legal process for asylum seekers. The Commission proposed to relocate up to 54,000 asylum applicants from Hungary to other Member States, but this proposal was opposed by the Hungarian Government. Hungary is therefore asked to accept a very limited number of asylum seekers (1,294) – not “illegal immigrants” – from the two most overburdened Member States, Greece and Italy. These people are carefully identified and include only those with a high chance of being genuinely eligible for refugee status. Relocation follows a thorough procedure and security screening by the future host country.

FALSE CLAIM n°3: “Illegal immigrants heading to Hungary are encouraged to illegal acts by not just the human traffickers but also by some international organizations”
TRUTH: The European Union has zero tolerance for human trafficking and has taken action for many years to combat this exploitative crime.
Saving lives at sea and looking after vulnerable people who have fled bloodshed and war and are in need of international protection is not the same thing as promoting irregular migration. There is no evidence of NGOs working with criminal smuggling networks to help migrants enter the EU. In case of any suspicions, Member States – and not the EU – have the power to investigate. Hungary is right to expect that its laws are respected, with the full support of the Commission and EU agencies such as Europol.
Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and other international organisations are, on the contrary, among the most reliable and valuable partners in dealing with the refugee crisis. They offer asylum seekers information and legal advice and also provide reception and care facilities, helping to ease the burden of Member States.

FALSE CLAIM n°4: “More and more organizations supported from abroad operate in Hungary with the aim to interfere in Hungarian internal affairs in a non-transparent manner”
TRUTH: The conditions under which Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) carry out their activities are in principle a matter of national law. The European Union, for its part, has strict rules on transparency and lobbying of the European institutions.
NGOs are an important component of civil society and provide valuable support for a democratic system of government. The EU institutions, like national governments and international organisations around the world, maintain an open, transparent and regular dialogue with civil society. Sometimes they agree with EU policies and sometimes they don’t, but we are never afraid to explain our work and allow them to do theirs, and it would be good to see the same space for this discussion at national level too.
Anyone seeking to influence EU policies by meeting the institutions is required to disclose their budget for the most recent financial year, including the amount of funding they receive from the EU. EU rules on transparency apply to all interest groups and all are treated alike. This transparency allows the public – in Hungary and across the EU – to be the judge of our work, and this public debate helps build a stronger democracy.
FALSE CLAIM n°5: “Brussels is attacking our job-creating measures”
TRUTH: Neither the Commission, nor the European Union, is attacking Hungarian job-creating policies.
On the contrary, the EU is massively supporting job creation in Hungary, having provided for example more than €21 billion to Hungary to support growth and jobs through regional policy funding alone in the period 2007-13. The Hungarian authorities have reported that this contributed to creating more than 150,000 jobs. Under the Juncker Plan’s European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), €26 million has so far been dedicated to operations in Hungary, which are expected to trigger €626 million in total investments in the country. The EU is a vital source of finance. For 2007-2013 the EU financed 57 % of all government capital investment in Hungary (the highest rate in the EU). Hungary is due to receive over €25 billion in EU investment during the period 2014-2020, the equivalent of €368 per Hungarian per year.
What’s more, the Hungarian government is responsible for its own national economic policy. EU law only provides for coordination of economic policies between the Member States. Any policy guidance is discussed and agreed by the Ministers of Finance or Ministers for Employment of all the Member States, with the full involvement of the Hungarian government.

FALSE CLAIM n°6: “Brussels is attacking our country because of tax cuts”
TRUTH: The European Commission does not interfere in national taxation policies, nor does it propose to do so. EU taxation rules must be agreed by all Member States unanimously, which means all current rules were approved by the Hungarian government.
The setting of corporate tax rates and income tax rates is a sovereign right of every Member State and the EU has no intention to meddle in that. All issues related to tax can only be agreed by the EU if all Member States – including Hungary – agree. And whilst the EU Member States have agreed only minimum VAT levels, the Hungarian government has decided to set the rate at 27%. This is the highest VAT rate in the entire EU.
EU minimum tax rules can only be amended if all Member States agree to it, so there cannot be any change without the agreement of the Hungarian government. Hungary has adopted a reduced VAT rate for internet services which breaches the rules which Hungary has agreed to at EU level. This is why the Commission has reminded Hungary of the rules it had agreed to. The Commission will make proposals this year for Member States to have more freedom on VAT rates. This will need unanimous support of all Member States.

 EU Citizens reply:

Paolo Socillo
Paolo Socillo I will never understand why someone if a country doesn't want the migrants , they must accept them , why this obligation ? bring them to Soros house or Rothschild house or bring them to langley Virginia, If people are dying in Syria or Afghanistan or Nigeria it's not our problem, we are not responsible for the wars around the world .When Nato started the war against Gheddafi helping Al Qaeda rebels ( by the way ) on the ground , nobody said nothing , these rebels lynched thousand of black people in Lybia , nobody said nothing especially in Italy where the goverment already decided that the Italians must die and must be replaced by black people.
Serban Pisica
Serban Pisica Nobody is forcing anyone to accept immigrants. That and the mention of rotchild and soros makes you sound like rambling lunatic! Italians must die and be replaced? Are you insane? Do you think before you post? Get this through your head: there is a difference between immigrants and legal refugees. The EU does want each member state to accept a quota of refugees, because IT HELPS GREECE AND ITALY! This is about hungary and all member states helping 2 member states overburdened with refugees! Maybe Italy and greece made a mistake giving asylum to so many refugees, but once granted legal status as a refugee, theyre stuck with them. The eu is merely trying to help them. Which makes perfect sens and a few thousand people for each member state is nothing.
Paolo Socillo
Paolo Socillo hahahahhaha , you are very funny Mister Pisica , I like you :) , First I'm not insane and I think all the minutes of my life that's the problem maybe 1) there is a difference between immigrants and legal refugees ? it doesn't seems like this , in Italy last year after the analysis of the requests for the status of refugee only the 10 % of the requests were approved the others were economic migrants that remained here, some of them started to work , the majority started a wonderful career of drug dealers or you can see them outside Supermarket asking for 1-2 euro to survive, because they can't find job , there isn't job also for italian people, how can they find a job ? If you are a real refugee you simply go to the embassy of the country you would like to move then you apply for the status of refugee then the nation can organize humanitarian corridor, too logical maybe the implementation of such program ?. 2) there are refugees ? why ? who created wars ? who created the persecutions ? i don't have any problem if around me there are people with different color of the skin or religion , I'm also a migrant in a certain way , living abroad most of the time during of the year. On the other hand I don't accept that a man from Afghanistan must live close to me because The CIA destroyed the country to get the control of opium production or dictatorships have been implemented in Africa and Middle East by multinational companies creating , poverty , hunger , destruction because a small group of people must pay the oil much less than they should pay. In Syria when Assad refused the passage of the oil pipeline , he magically became a terrible dictator with Usa started to finance groups like Al Nusra or Isis .In Lybia when Nato has bombed Gheddafi , for the democracy of course :D , On the ground there were Al-Qaeda , the British special forces the Qatari Special forces all together like a big family , the rebels on the ground lynched thousands of black people , I never heard a politician in Italy said a word for them ,but I hear them on the news everyday , poor syrians ,poor Afghani people , poor black people they are under persecution , of course they make money with them and one day when these people will look for a job, they will be a fantastic cheap labour force , Mission accomplished mister Khalergi (Y)
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Thomas Höflich
Thomas Höflich The ugly face of Italian faschism
Paolo Socillo
Paolo Socillo hahahahha this is the only thing you can say :D , when someone speak with a logical way of thinking has to be fascist for sure ? , Mein Lieber Herr ; die Politker mussen korret sein und korrekt bleiben und machen die Interesse für die Gemeinschaft , nicht die Interesse von die Banken , IMF , Soros und Freunden ,Ich kann jeden Tag sehen Politiker die Interesse haben nur für die migranten aber bis jetzt Ich habe nicht gesehen eine politker dass hat gesgat diese Krieg muss ende jetzt . So meldete der britische „The Daily Express“ in seiner Ausgabe vom 11. Oktober 2008, dass nach einem Geheimplan der Brüsseler Ökonomen die EU in den nächsten Jahrzehnten 56 Millionen Immigranten aus Afrika nach Europa holen wolle. Sie würden als Arbeiter in der europäischen Wirtschaft, aber auch benötigt, um dem demografischen Niedergang Europas aufgrund dessen niedriger Geburtenquote entgegenzusteuern.was werden wir machen mit die Eu- Bürger dass wenig kompetenzen haben ? das ist kein Spiel , vielleicht für die EU stehenden Eliten ja.
Haha this is the only thing you can say :D, when someone speak with a logical way of thinking has to be fascist for sure? My dear Lord, the politicians must be koret and maintained correctly, and make the interest to the community, not the interest of the banks, the IMF, soros and friends, I can see every day politician interested only for the immigrants but until now I didn't see a politicians gesgat that has this war needs to end now. So the British "Daily Express" in its issue dated 11. October 2008 that, according to a secret plan of the Brussels economists the EU in the next few decades, 56 million immigrants from Africa to Europe get wool. You'd be as workers in the European economy, but also needed to the demographic decline of Europe due to its low birth rate. What are we gonna do with the eu citizens that have few powers? This is not a game, maybe its for the eu elites yes.

Nikola Kožuljević Am I the only one finding it wierd and worrisome that the EU is actually using Social Media to respond to gossip-like propaganda. Conversing with countries and their population with a social media post? Really. 

Lets ridicule this - when is this going
 to stop then? You're going to present hard facts for every upcoming challenge with every country? On all languages? 

This is so wrong. If the EU is using SM to defend its integrity with the roots - citizens. Than indeed the EU days are numbered.
Like · Reply · 1 · 20 hours ago
European Commission
European Commission Dear Nikola, most of these remarks were in fact first made by vice-President Frans Timmermans this afternoon during the European Parliament plenary session in the presence of Viktor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister : Best, The Social Media team
Opening statement by Frans TIMMERMANS, First Vice-President of the EC in charge of Better Regulation, Inter-Institutional Relations, the Rule of Law and the Charter of…
Like · Reply · 22 · 20 hours ago
Serban Pisica
Serban Pisica What is that supposed to mean? Presenting hard facts every time the EU is criticised is EXACTLY what the EU should do! The EU is in existential danger if it continues to not defend itself when attacked. Gossip or anything else for thar matter SHOULD BE addressed! The ONLY problem with social media is that only a part of the population is on SM.
Like · Reply · 3 · 8 hours ago
Serban Pisica
Serban Pisica @european comission, dont listen to that guy. This is exactly what you should be doing! Everytime people like orban or the daily mail distort reality, combat them ! But dont just post things online, promote them, get people to read them! Treat the EU's goals the way movie studios treat their movies: massive promotion!
Like · Reply · 1 · 8 hours ago · Edited
Paul Ja
Paul Ja European Commission it's the very first time I've seen a post from your team and I'm extremely happy with it. Keep on doing the good work and see to get more budget. The problem with the EU is not what it is, but how it has been marketed in the past!
Like · Reply · 1 · about an hour ago
Nikola Kožuljević
Nikola Kožuljević European Commission I understand the effort and the need for answers and defending a position. But, I think its a bit too much to answer that on SM. Especially if the arguments are made on the session of EP.
What you are saying that the EP session is not enough, but Social Media efforts are needed to spread facts? (and yeah this posts do cost some resources, in one form or another. Resources pooled from all MS). Also, isn't the EP a place for a debate, just like as mr. Frans mentions. And ultimately, a decision what is a fact or not, good or not, is a parliamentary decision. Not an opinion of one MP or even a group. What you are doing is pushing one piece of thought outwards, not as a part of debated and parliamentary process, but as a part of one MP, a group or even a commission. And like that you're disregarding other voices and opinions. How are you then better then 'them'?

Like Mr. Frans said, if the dialogue is not achieved, an action will be needed. And by presenting these here, isn't this pushing an idea, a direction, as it seems without a debate. At least you're making it like so in this instance. 

Additionally, if there are problems with Hungary, why not make intra institutional mechanisms and procedures to fix the problems? If the problems exists, and if there is no solution, it means that EU is powerless in this regards or the institutions are not functioning. As you probably know, EU MS decide the direction of the EU, decide the responsibility and credit of work - if there is a problem with MS and you are not able to fix it in the institutions - why do any of procedures or treaties exist? 

What I'm trying to say, that I see this SM update as a precedent. Though publicly acceptable but institutionally extremely worrying. 

Does this practice mean that all the issues and problems ahead will not be debated or fixed in parliamentary fashion and institutions? But ideas and dialouges promoted on Social Media? On Facebook? 

Why do we need parliaments and politicians then, when we can do all on facebook. Right?

And all of you thinking that I mean this as a inherently bad criticisim, well, you ignorant fools. Ridicule the argument. What if one day the Commission pushes for an agenda you dont agree with? Like adding pesticides or enabling animal experiment? Or any, that you dont support? Would this be Ok then?

Victor Sorin Popaliciu
 unfortuantly Hungary a nation with such a tragic past is ruled by the natzis again since this hypocrit Orban has rise to power. Not so long ago Orban's politica natzi police where using torture against a few innocents war refugges traped in the train station from Budapest...
The natzi leader Orban has bullies even in the nations around Hungary so it is a good thing that finaly European Union has started to take action against the terror,injutice,crimes against humanity generated by Orban's natzi regime.
Timmy Valavanis
Timmy Valavanis Hungary is just another TROJAN HORSE.
Timmy Valavanis
Timmy Valavanis Dear European Commission throw them out . They never wanted to join the EU , they just want to break up the EU from the inside out and join Putin. Remember castles are broken down from the inside
Imre Dér
Imre Dér This is how arrogant the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels react to something they have no business in regulating, but have a vested interest in. 

Hungary dares to regulate how foreign funded educational institutes operate in the country. This is her 
sovereign right to do and none of the business of Brussels. Still, Brussels strongarms Hungary to back off, because the new rules make it harder to train globalist color-revolution activists for regime change operations across the CEE and CIS region. Even for Hungary.
Matthias Müller
Matthias Müller Hungary has agreed to a deal and now it is breaking that deal unilateral. Have you ever heard about these basic rules?
Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha Did somebody forced you to be part of the Eu? Because the same unelected bourocrtas was at the time you entered...The treaties clearly specify every single EU competence and i don't get it why you entered, or you enter without reading the basic of EU Law?
Like · Reply · 30 · Yesterday at 1:07pm · Edited
Jack Matthew Weaver
Jack Matthew Weaver He prob hasn't read it... dont even bother fighting him
Like · Reply · 5 · Yesterday at 1:19pm · Edited
Zolix Lukács
Zolix Lukács Mr Imre Dér: You may know that when we entered the EU back in 2004, we accepted its rules and principles. The Commision have every right to comment any action if a member state break these laws.
Like · Reply · 26 · 23 hours ago
Robert Korzeniowski
Robert Korzeniowski And they elected by 27 states !
Like · Reply · 2 · 23 hours ago
European Commission
European Commission Dear Imre, the European Union is not and has never been about 'Brussels' but a project driven and designed by its Member States, each of which has decided unilaterally and democratically that this is the path they wish to adopt, including Hungary. Each and every one of those Member States, including Hungary, takes both the responsibility and the credit for the decisions taken collectively.
Best, the Social Media Team
Like · Reply · 158 · 23 hours ago
Serban Pisica
Serban Pisica Why does Imre think these things? Why is the fact that Hungary is an equal member among many something you have to point out to imre? Why does imre, liike so many pwople, think the EU is run by unelecred beaurocrats when it is the european council that holds most ofnthe power? Ill tell you why. Because the EU is shitty at promoting itself. Do you even know how many channels on youtube are dediccated to ukip and their beliefs? Theres almost no channel thats pro eu. The offcial channels of the european council or european pqrliament get a few tens of views per video while farage's videos have hundreds of thousands of views. Dont just make cute notes on facebook, like this post is, FLOOD the internet with your message! And make it entertaining! Rip these anti eU assholes apart in a fun and comedic way! And reach people outside the Internet too.
Like · Reply · 28 · 22 hours ago
Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha Totally agree with you SerbanPisica and totally what i do outside and inside internet.
Huguinho Costa
Huguinho Costa The Problem with the EU media team is that it operates under the same formal premises the whole EU operates. The problem is that one of growingly important aspects of society, which is information, is drifting away from the formal scripts of the past into very creative and informal fields! 
So, the media teams promoting and enlightening people about the EU must leave the safety of scripts behind and embrace creativity in reaching out. Even though there are some risks of controversy, usually the gains are immense.
As an example, in Facebook and twitter, you should take a look at a few anglo saxonic police forces that use humour to reach out citizens with a huuuuge... sorry, I mean significant success.
Like · Reply · 3 · 22 hours ago
Kemencei Róbert
Kemencei Róbert The way Imre thinks is coming from the media. The right wing currently on lead formed a kind of dictatorship. With daily brain wash and manipulated elections. Anything can happen.
Like · Reply · 3 · 20 hours ago · Edited
Tamás Gebei
Tamás Gebei I'm ashamed of you Imre. 

No matter what do you and other paid commenters say; The best thing that happened to Hungary in the last 100 years was that we joined to the European Union! There are many hungarian people who think the same way so Orbán Viktor does not represent me and those who feel the same way!
Like · Reply · 19 · 21 hours ago · Edited
Bruno Lopes
Bruno Lopes This is what's wrong with you guys. When someone says "Brussels" it's not really the geographic location, but what the European Institutes base there defend and demand, and by this we all know they tell what ever Germany and the other Northern European puppets tell them to. 

You keep telling yourself that everything is right with the EU, that it's only a misperception, that the people are wrong. While you do that, extreme right wing parties will continue to rise. Maybe not this year, but if you keep ignoring that EU was made for Europeans (jewish-christian moral matrix societies) and if you don't solve the economical crisis that goes for almost 10 years now, I'm pretty sure it will be on the next election cycle. Austria almost did it, Netherlands almost did it, France it's almost there, and in the south of europe everyone is starting to be pissed with this economical and migrants crisis. We don't have jobs for us, and unfortunately that means, we don't have jobs for them! We have our social problems, with older citizens not having money for vital pharmaceuticals but we're giving away money and houses for migrants (most of them are economical migrants, lets be honest here! So for that, they should apply for visas!). 

So even if dodge this french bullet like you did with the austrian and dutch ones, it's only a matter of time until another right wing "bullet" will be shot at you, and at the long term I'm not sure if you can keep dodging. 

Maybe it's time for you guys stop whining about "it's the people that are not understanding us" and wake up and smell the coffee...
Like · Reply · 4 · 17 hours ago · Edited
Huguinho Costa
Huguinho Costa Exactly my thoughts... we have got roughly 5 years to straighten up this mess...
a good starting would be taking a step back on countries sovereignty (that doesn t mean letting them do whatever they want)
Fabian Bon
Fabian Bon You didn't really understand it did you? So where do you take the arrogancy from to pathetically spread your ignorant bs?
Tue Sand Larsen
Tue Sand Larsen Dear Imre, you are by no means addressing the points at hand, you don't even give any indication that you've read the content of the posting and your (very brief indeed) description of how EU is functioning shows no sign of someone who bothered the slightest to get any insight into what you are talking about. And still, you dare to be that opinionated? Now, many would say (including myself) that you are the arrogant part in this debate. Please, if you want to debate this; give us not only opinions but enlightened opinions backed by facts. Thanks in advance
Like · Reply · 3 · 11 hours ago
Tue Sand Larsen
Tue Sand Larsen Bruno Lopes No, I do not not hear anyone here say that everything is good within the EU. EU is a political battlefield (as it should be in a democracy) and there should be an ongoing struggle to influence And improve. A good step would be to improve and expand the social pillar of the EU thereby addressing inequality among and within EU countries (combined with reforms!!). Note that this issue can't be addressed without the EU. EU is needed for this but we gotta get out of the neo-liberal death cycle of the previous decades which has proven increasingly good for the privileged few and a curse for the rest. That is, from my humble point of view, a necessary next step to meet the legitimate worries of citizens within EU and to provide social safety and hope for the future. Also and not least for the troubled south. Note that this will not take less EU but More EU. And so be it! And I think Germany will need to understand that this is the price they need to pay for the sustainability of an EU which is very much serving their interests. Go Schultz!!! Interesting debate you got started there Bruno, but I won't take it further here. That would be a bit off topic. Have a nice day!
Like · Reply · 2 · 11 hours ago
Gabrichidze Nick
Gabrichidze Nick One of the biggest lie which opponents of EU make up, is that EU is allegedly undemocratic inquisition run by unelected bureaucrats. First thing EU entities have to do in any debate, is insist on their democratic mandate, and object any claims about "undemocratic" nature of EU institutions and entities in the beginning of every debate. Having said that, just as Guy Verhofstadt has rightfully pointed out Hungarian government is even more hypocrite then Eurosceptics like Le Pen and Farage. Eurosceptics don't like EU and want their countries out of it. Hungarian government objects and sabotages EU norms and values at every step of the road, yet wants to stay in EU and use all benefits of the membership.
Like · Reply · 7 hours ago · Edited
Ken Sweeney
Ken Sweeney Quite happy to take my money though...
Jose Rmp
Jose Rmp Hungrexit now. Impeach Hungary. Kick them out. Let them join other fascists countries like Russia, Poland and Turkey.
Dan Damaschin
Dan Damaschin Imre Der: With a mentality like that, why don't you go and join Russia to re-create the Warsaw Pact, instead of dithering about in the European Union? If Hungary doesn't like it in, please get out. You would fit in nicely with the likes of Putin. Have fun! Bye.
Like · Reply · 1 · 4 hours ago
Gert Eeckhout
Gert Eeckhout 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Jf Lambert
Jf Lambert Jose Rmp steady on Big Boy!!! a very large majority of huns do NOT want to leave the EU! the fact that they have a total bastard as a Dear Leader is another matter! Poland has a few problems too nowadays and it doesn't mean all Poles are fascists or want to leave the EU!!! And other countries might elect some fascists bastards too! Think before you write!
Laszlo Szoboszlai
Laszlo Szoboszlai Oh dear, Imre Der....

Bruno Wood
Bruno Wood Don't forget BREXIT was a "Stop Brussels" kind of movement. 
So is Le Pen.. and many others all over europe.
Brussels is failing Europeans. And is failing hard.

We want Europe. 
But not the Europe we have been seeing in the last years...

Not the Europe that burns down countries economically to keep an World significant currency (like happen to Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy even France...)

Not a Europe that burns down countries socially like we saw imposing uncontrolled chaotic migration in east europe giving rise to high security and cultural problems

Not a Europe that is ready to burn down countries security in order to gain influence in a broader geopolitic framework (like it did in ukraine, baltic states and others..
George Grangeon-Amaral
George Grangeon-Amaral The migrant influx with open external borders (against the original intent and spirit of Shengen) is destroying Europe and will very likely lead to it's collapse
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill If only you could have done something similar with the UK referendum the amount of lies we was told was unreal. Some people knew what they was voting for regardless of what politicians said but some didn't.

This is a brilliant article.
Serban Pisica @european commission: are you seeing this? Do you unserstand now why you must be more agressive with your promotion? STOP BEING A PUNCHING BAG!
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill To late for us now I'm afraid and they did see it. They liked my comment.
Hugo Snow
Hugo Snow To be honest this is the local education system's job. They are supposed to teach you about your country, its history and how it works. After school, you should be able to do it yourself as you have access to this information.
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill You say that Hugo but since the Brexit vote. The European Commission has been making its voice heard we'll and clear on this, the French election and NL. They have even stated that the French should support Macron.

Nothing has been said on the UK elec
tion it is possible to cancel 'Article 50'.

Also Hugo like I have already said I did my own research l make my decision but others did not who only heard from people such as Nigel Farage.

Kate Lawless
 Dear European Comission
Could you please do this to answer Marine Lepen claims that everything is Brussels' fault? 

Thank you

The french people who are tired to explain yo their ignorant countrymen what the EU does (or doesn't do).
Tibo Brenier
Tibo Brenier Oh yes please ! In French, as all her voters don't speak English
Like · Reply · 4 · Yesterday at 11:58am · Edited
European Commission
European Commission Dear Kate, you may be interested in "Les Décodeurs de l'Europe" from the Commission européenne en France. They explain the reality, and sometimes also the complexity, of European policies: Best, The Social Media team
Like · Reply · 55 · Yesterday at 12:10pm · Edited
Kate Lawless
Kate Lawless Thank you !
I knew about this already and shared some of those but it doesn't seem to be effective...
It's a great project !

Thank you for taking the time to answer :)
Ollie Sedgwick
Ollie Sedgwick It's good, but people who don't visit the EU websites may not know about this project
Like · Reply · 1 · 23 hours ago
Serban Pisica
Serban Pisica Why hasnt Kate heard of that stuff before now? Why did she hear about le pens complaints but not decodeurs? Why pen first, decodeurs second? Why dont you make an actual effort and make sure EVERYONE sees the good points about the EU? Have you seen how Hollywood studios promote a movie? The only way to not hear about a blockbuster movie coming out is if youre dead. Why dont you take a cue from them? Why is the EU consistently terrible at marketing itself?!
Like · Reply · 2 · 23 hours ago
Kate Lawless
Kate Lawless i heard about it from a sponsored post on fb
BUT i don't think a sponsored post on fb is the right way to do it
Because it was labelled as propaganda by people against it, sadly 

I feel like there is no right way to market yourself as an institution, because you can't really go into the politics of a member state
Christine Gadow
Christine Gadow To be fair: this Social Media Team is a good start
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Kate Lawless
Kate Lawless agreed

Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova FALSE CLAIM n°1: “Brussels wants to force us to abolish the reduction in public utility charges” ! Really? Like you did in Bulgaria? We pay the most expensive electricity due to your companies owning our electricity network. We pay for shity food, imported by your companies, we have no economy, we have nothing, but the fat imbeciles who you always try to put as MP! Thank you EU, we were better without you! And so does any other country fleeing from your chocking hug!
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Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha EU companies that own electricity? Internal market and free Competition in your country does not exist? Can you please give us the name of these EU companies that trade electricity? I m a little bit curious. I know its an internal State competence.
Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova Oh ye, the onwers are going to state their names? EU - Brussels is corrupted and incompetent with everything they do, when it comes to help the member countries. No wonder every country wants to EXIT!
Martin Bitter
Martin Bitter Bulgaria must have been rich before joining ;) . Don't blame others for your problems. I remember food and fuel shortages in the 1990s. Good old days.
Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha Facts, not opinions. Electricity in your country is a monopolistic market or not? Because if it is not monopolistic than free market and Internal regulation are the only one responsable for the prices you pay...Or its a monopolistic market own by the State? In both cases, EU has a very small role in it. And how is it possible you dont know the names of these companies? Thay cant be secret. Plese give us the names, i want to gen informed how does these companies operate and who is resposable for them and than if its the EU we can speak.
Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova Really??? But the next day after the government resigned and the democrats took it, they filled the shops with everything. Sorry we are not that stupid.
Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova And no I don't blame others, I blame people with names, that ought to be hanged, sooner than later!
Víctor Juan Fernández Ochlewski
Víctor Juan Fernández Ochlewski You are right. They FILLED the shops that were... hmmmm.... what is the word? Oh, yes!: EMPTY
Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova Víctor Juan Fernández Ochlewski, how did know? Were you there? And how old were you back then? How can you stock every shop for a day? Use your head for something better, not for assessing the situation in the 90 ies.
Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha You didnt answer my question. The names of these companies???
Hanae Iimori
Hanae Iimori Ahahaha, I just can't.... x"D
Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha I just got informed a little bit on google and here i read that Bulgarian energy suppliers are BEM, NPP, NEK, ESO...The names are not secret and they are State Owned companies....
Alexandru Iosif Lascus
Alexandru Iosif Lascus Zlatina Todorova I do not see any fact or official statements or dates that support your opinions. On what are based you opinions? On fact or on political statements ??? As a neighbour of yours I know that the level of corruption in your country is even higher than in our country and I know also that your electrical companies are state owned with a lot of crappy deals made with all kind of political friends. Show me the facts .
Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova EVN - Austria, CEZ , Energo - pro. And EU sopped us form getting South Stream, so they can have their second North, also Bourgas - Alexandrupulis, not to mention the emiggrants and so on...
Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha I read here that electricity market is mostly owned by state own companies and its a monopolistic one. Do you even know how a monopolistic market works?
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Jimmi Krisstensen
Jimmi Krisstensen you could have the cheapest electricity and gas, but your politicians sold themselves to gasprom and electricity companies, banning use of your own ressources, oil and shale gas. Probably getting a good piece in return.
Ellen Heidbüchel
Ellen Heidbüchel Zlatina Todorova, you need urgent treatment.
Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova Ellen Heidbüchel, extremely mature!
Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova Stela Hoxha,, - 67 %_Group, Energo - CEZ. A.S. 67,00%.
EVN Group is an Austrian-based producer and transporter of electricity, one of the largest in Europe having over three million customers in 14 countries.[2] The company also…
Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha you took only one firm...I am saying another thing, i am saying MOSTLY of electricity suppliers are State Owned...And just to learn: CEZ is also operating in Albania, which is not in the EU...How can it be an EU company? Sorry but your arguments are really fullish. I read in 30 min more than 5 articles on your energy supply market and in all of these articles it was clearly specified that your energy supply is a monopolistic state owned supply...It means that YOUR State give concession to other firms, not the EU...and being a monopolistik one, means that firms control price and quantity. The EU is trying to free the market...Basic of microeconomics: free market and free competition will provide lower prices.
Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha Articles of 2016: The highly regulated Bulgarian electricity market is dominated by a few major players that have built a supply monopoly in the country. Despite the legal unbundling of the three distribution system operators from its vertically integrated undertaking, there is no real competition in the distribution market that could enable consumers to choose their supplier as there is only one licensed supplier in each geographical region. A recent study on the energy sector governance in Bulgaria highlights the state capture in the energy sector, the high dependency of the country on the imports of Russian gas and technology, the frequent changes in the legislative and regulatory environment and energy poverty as the major challenges in the energy restructuring process. Energy prices on the regulated market are fixed, by reference, or formula- based, indicating low levels of competition in the energy sector. The country’s regulatory regime is unpredictable and American companies have faced problems with enforcing existing contracts.
Bulgaria's day-ahead power exchange, the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX), began in January as the Balkan country pushed ahead with plans to fully liberalize its energy market and make it more transparent. In 2017, IBEX plans to introduce an intra-day market and team up with another power exchange in southeastern Europe and will launch a platform for trading long-term contracts. Bulgaria is working with the EC and the World Bank on a model that will allow it to gradually phase out regulated energy prices for small businesses and households while protecting the most vulnerable consumers.
Simon Howell
Simon Howell Zlatina Todorova I know about the empty shops. I was there with a party of 35 children but there was not enough snow. No one's fault. Our guide was very good in trying to entertain us and we loved our visit to the Rila Monastery, to Plovdiv to Sofia and the mountain walks.we were well looked after, fed as well as most school groups could expect and made to feel welcome. The children were amazed that the good kind staff in our hotel asked them if they could keep the empty plastic bottles they had thown in the bin. I asked our guide if we could visit one or two shops. He agreed and the desolation was almost total. A few catering size tin foods, out of date, some string and a very few other items of poor value and quality. The shops were just empty shelves. After visiting 5 shops which we picked we happily were able to visit the Cathedral for Vespers and see the genuine roots of Orthodox religion.happily the demonstration which had taken place just before our visit at Easter did not erupt in violence. The government knew that communism was finished for Bulgaria. I am sure that despite corruption, to be found in all countries, lifeis much better under the EU. As a nation you must work hard to resist any attempt to leave the EU. They are in place to help poorer nations develop among many other most worthy aims.
Kaloyan Stoychev
Kaloyan Stoychev
Translated from Bulgarian
Don't be stupid.See Original
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Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova Stela Hoxha
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Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova Articles from the absolutely free media! The reality is here, we live it, what the TV and the papers say is a scandal in BG. And we all know who pays for what to be said, what to be known.
Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova
Translated from Bulgarian
Kaloyan Stoychev, ministerstvtoto of finance to shut up.See Original
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Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha Reality is that you have a monopolistic market and you don't even have microeconomic knowledge to know how a monopolistic market works. Now you drop to "free media"...Facts about firms controlling you energy supply market cant be based on opionions, i found also the contracts on line...They are fake free media too?
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Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha When you dont like facts...the discussion jumps always to free media. Didn't you just 5 minutes ago brought a source for your argument from wikipedia? Wikipedia was also the source i used to get information...
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Alexandru Iosif Lascus
Alexandru Iosif Lascus Stela Hoxha facts matter. Well done for informing yourself, only thru this change of facts and fact based opinions we can see the the truth and find the best solutions for our problems.
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Alexandru Iosif Lascus
Alexandru Iosif Lascus Simon Howell life under EU is indeed better than outside of the EU. I have seen its positive influence on our country economy and stability. but does brings a lot of painful reforms that not everybody is ready to accept. I am not saying that EU is perfect, far for this, but no matter how you look if you strictly look at the facts the positives outweighs the negative, or at least for my country.
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Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova I don't care what you read or think, or what shapes your opinion! It's not gonna change the reality! 4 million less, empty villages, poor towns, low wages, suffering retired people, no healthcare, no social policy, highest mortality rate, immune diseases we've never herd of, cancer, autism and so on ...! Do you really think that your facts from an article can change Bulgarian people opinion about EU? IF EU is so self aware, why don't they have an open referendum about member countries opinion? Well ... would they dare to do so? Even our country couldn't dare to ask us, because they new the answer - NO, NO, NO!!! No Country ever benefited from joining, apart form the original colonisation experts! We the poorest ones keep supporting the economy and that is the idea of the eu!
Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha You should learn to distinguish EU competences from National State competences. You lack basic knowledge of EU Law and function. You really really lack information. I feel sorry for you. If there was a disincentive to enter, you would never have joined the EU...and just for you to know sth: NOBODY IS FORCED TO STAY IN...YOU CAN GET OUT AT ANY TIME...but i wonder, why don't you do so? Go, get informed. You really lack basic information.
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Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova No we lack sovereignty as a country and politicians, everything else is gibberish. The idea of the EU is rotten to core!
Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha Go get it back! Your government could get out of the EU at any time it wants....But i wonder why it doesn't...
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Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova Again mature answer, no wonder the page just removed a great comment about the democracy and free of speech eu grants to us all!
Christian Ivanov
Christian Ivanov On the behalf of most thinking and educated Bulgarians, please accept my apologies, about the lumpenised and angry Bulgarian lady rambling her way around here as well as around rational and critical arguments. The majority of Bulgarians do support the country's membership in the European Union. What you need to understand is that Bulgaria as well as its energy market are captured by a small number of former mafiosi and security guards among others, who have amassed enormous amount of power and reign supreme. Whilst at the same the meagre degree of press freedom, economic prosperity etc. brought about by the elites' incompetence and greed have been preventing people to uncover what has been causing their destituteness. As a result, a scapegoat is needed, according to her that is the EU, but as you have all seen, she does not even posses the rudimental most basic knowledge about what the EU does or does not do. Ignorance is not a bliss, and she has just proved it. Thanks to all of you who have tried to persuade her otherwise.
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Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha This is a logical answer...Nobody is so fool to stay inside one organization where gets all the worst and nothing good...
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Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova Christian Ivanov, the majority of 16 %?
Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha ZlatinaTodorova your State would be so fool to stay within a political organization against public will???? You are ridicoulous
Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova Really, how so? Any evidence against my statements? Have our government ever asked us? No. Would they? No. So far no comment in this topic made me change my point of view, just confirmed that the organisation as it is, it;s self destructive!
Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha And thank God didnt ask people to vote without having the basic knwoledge on EU functioning. THANK GOD. You should know that only ignorance see only one side of the coin. So far, in all the discussion you didnt spoke with facts, but closed minded and ignorant ideas of people who dont even know EU competences without going to google...You didnt even knew the name of your energy suppliers...Said that the names weren't public. You are ridicoulous.
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Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha And just for you to know: mass public protests are a way of expressing public will even without vote.
Christian Ivanov
`In 15 Member States, the European Union mostly conjures up a positive image (up from
12 in autumn 2014). More than half of the population share this view in Romania (62%),

Ireland (57%), Lithuania (55%), Bulgaria (55%), Poland (53%), Luxembourg (52%) and
Malta (51%)`. (STANDARD EUROBAROMETER 83 FIRST RESULTS – SPRING 2015 ). Moreover, if that was not the case the socialist party and the united patriots combined would have received far more votes than just 1.3 million, as these are the two most eurosceptic parties in Bulgaria. I would be looking forward to see how many votes would KURneliq receive, if she officially announced that her party is against Bulgaria's EU membership.
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Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova
Translated from Bulgarian
Christian ex, very cool statistic and can source and a sample of that? I guess that's the kind of poll, we asked 1000 administrative officials in the ministry of education, finance and Agriculture!See Original
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Zlatina Todorova
Zlatina Todorova Here is the sovereignty of each member country, and you are free to believe in it, blindly :
The Treaty of Lisbon (initially known as the Reform Treaty) is an international agreement which amends the two treaties which form the constitutional basis of the European…
Christian Ivanov
Christian Ivanov Zlatina Todorova The source is named in brackets. You can simply copy and google it to find it and verify it. I assume they have asked people from all walks of live and professions, as they usually do, and yes it was possible they have asked just 1000 or so people, because in statistics there is this thing called central limit theorem. Instead of wasting your time and embarrasing yourself here, go and educate yourself. If something is outwith your understanding, feel free to ask me.
Stela Hoxha
Stela Hoxha This is free press and mine not???? Hahaahahahahahahah you have serious problems

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