This transcript is just embarrassing! I know as many others have said we have to accept that at least for 4 years Trump will be the most powerful man on the planet, but really as the leader of the free world he plainly has so little grasp on international matters. 

It seems to me that the world needs to accept that Trump, on Friday, will be President of the USA. To say the UK should not have anything to do with him is very short sighted. The UK relies on the USA as our ultimate military defender. Yes, Trump has difficulty articulating his views; yes the truth sometimes seems to escape him, yes he is not a politician. And yes, like me, you may have great fears about his Presidency. But he is President. The world cannot ignore him. The world can try to influence him. The world must accept the new reality. It will not go away anytime soon. 

@Robert Walters Spot on. However uncomfortable we might be about Trump or the state of things that got him elected, it's happening. Yes it's disconcerting and deeply worrying to many of us, but in part it's because he's not a conventional politician. In fact he has no ambition to be seen as a politician - "I'm not a politician" - and it's one of the major reasons why he got in. Right through the campaign he kept referring to the "movement", and (deep breath) I think he's right (there, I said it). It is a movement and many of us are struggling to come to terms with it. I don't think it's his movement exclusively (although he might), it's clearly part of a more widespread rejection of conventional politics and we will have to work with it.

@Robert Walters  "widespread rejection of conventional politics and we will have to work with it. For now."

Do you mean "conventional politics" is good and unconventional politics is bad?

For me the reverse holds


I am amazed that The Times is giving so much visibility to Michael Gove particularly with regard to the recent interview with Donald Trump. As far as I'm concerned Gove has lost all credibility following his performance during the EU Referendum, his anti EU Remainers stance, and his behaviour following the Boris Johnson back stabbing incident.

I am seriously considering whether I should cancel my Times subscription!

@Andrew Taylor

Your attitude is the sort of thing a lot of people voted against on 23rd June last: the members of the elite looking after one another and putting the interests of their friends before their principles and before what they truly believe is in the best interests of the country.

Gove acted honourably and courageously and the fact you can't see that says more about you than him. Sad.

By the way do you want the Times to only have journalists you like or agree with?  Why not just look in the mirror all day then you'll have nothing to challenge your preconceptions.

@Andrew Taylor Gove is a man who, while working closely with Boris during the run up to the vote, understood that Boris was not the man to lead. If you realise someone is not up for the job what do you do? Gove got the first interview with the President-elect. He allowed the man to talk I think because all the media have played Trump wrong so far. Perhaps it's time to step back and see what he says...and ultimately what he does. 

That doesn't read like an interview with a politician at all does it? But that may be a good thing to have a businessman in charge instead of a professional politician.

A businessman who's had 6 bankruptcies, paid $25m to settle litigation against his failed Trump University and was fined €10m for 'Significant and Long Standing Anti-Money Laundering Violations'?

@Madison77 he's not a politician. He doesn't do things like politicians so perhaps he shouldn't be interviewed as a politician might be interviewed. 


The Times may like to call this an interview, however, Trump just appears to be rambling slightly and trying to recall -in his fuddled mind - anything that will appear remotely interesting.  The above really does frightened me and I cannot understand how May and even Gove  would want to deal with this man.  God help us, as I now believe that after next Friday - the world will become very volatile.

@Freespirit  he is volatile but I think you're wrong that he has a fuddled mind, he's pretty clear on what he thinks and he is pretty clear when he expresses it.   Let's see how it goes. But maybe you prefer some highfalutin blandness..

@tom jones @Freespirit
You think that was clear? The man can't even finish a word let alone a sentence.

@Freespirit " I cannot understand how May and even Gove  would want to deal with this man "
 And pray tell us what the alternative might be ?

Yours is just the 'cant get over it" Remainer needle stuck on the record with not a constructive idea in your head.

@Fids @Freespirit It is my opinion.  Now that the Brexiteers are in charge - they appear not to like anyone else having an opinion.  Brexit  has killed Democracy 52/48% is hardly  a resounding victory, is it!  I wonder if the Brexiteers would have shut  up if it was the other way around. I doubt it!  

@Fids @Freespirit Another quote from your beloved Trump -  " I will not accept the outcome of the election,  if Clinton wins"!

Oh my word. He has the oratory ability of a 7 year old. 
Could we please a fact check on this? There are so many blatant lies and half trues. Please, Times, do not let him get away with this. 
Example: Germany was the toughest country in the world for letting in illegals. Simply not true. 

"In your campaign you said Angela Merkel’s policy on Syrian refugees was insane. Do you still think so?
I think it’s not good. I think it was a big mistake for Germany. And Germany of all countries, ’cause Germany was one of the toughest in the world for having anybody go in, and, uh, no I think it was a mistake"
He didn't say illegals. However, does Trump mean Germany was one of the toughest because it had the foresight and nerve to allow anybody in to their employment market? I doubt that's what he meant. Politician saying one thing and meaning another shock horror. The difference is politicians know the implications and are over cautious and so don't reveal. Trump knows little, is simple and just says what comes to mind.
Great fun, great guy, love him, love his family, great great people, but God help us all.

@Kendal Fruitcake "I think she made one very catastrophic mistake and that was taking all of these illegals, you know taking all of the people from wherever they come from"